StayBC News: Transforming 150 Units across Wales and England

StayBC has reached the milestone of 150 glamorously dressed units and is still scaling and adding more properties in different parts of the United Kingdom. Lead by Leah Puckett, Associate Director of StayBC, the setup team consists of Linda Davis, set up manager, Hannah Evans, Brittany Wallace, Josh Jones and Kerrie Thompson.

Leah told us more about the team:

“I started working with StayBC in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. I had left a Government job I had been in for many years in search of a new opportunity where I could be my own boss. I began setting up properties alongside Ben and Chris, cleaning the properties and purchasing all of the furniture and soft furnishings. I have always enjoyed cleaning and shopping so this was a match made in heaven. I quickly began organising the maintenance work for each property and we started to onboard properties faster than I could set them up. We built an in-house housekeeping team led by Sally Brand, which was a huge help, and decided to hire an interior designer as the first step to build a set up team. Hannah joined our team as set designer with previous experience of working on Dr Who and has helped us to improve the styling of each property. We now have a team of designers, housekeepers and maintenance staff which has helped us to onboard multiple properties on a weekly basis and also offer light refurbishments for properties that need some additional work.

We had a week recently where we collected keys for six properties in five days spanning from Bath to Swansea. We refurbished the Bath property and upon walking into it yesterday it was barely recognisable. With a strong team we are able to look past what we see and visualise the transformation, always working with tight deadlines.

In less than a year I have overseen the set up of over 80 properties and we now have Linda, who is taking over my role so I can start to work in other parts of the business. I would like to thank the set up team of Hannah, Brittany, Josh and Kerrie for working so hard and constantly improving with each property, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without them"

Remodelling and styling houses and apartments is never an easy job. It takes a village of creative minds and professionals working together to produce homely and well-appointed serviced accommodations for guests, as well as providing high-quality fixtures, furniture and ambience to satisfy investors and partners.

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We would also like to acknowledge our maintenance team lead by James Simmonds together with Jay Barnes, Luca Eckley and Jon Boulter in maintaining and fixing items within our units. For any repair and maintenance needs, they use their professional skill set to fix everything as soon as possible.

Being part of the StayBC maintenance team is both a challenge and rewarding, since coming on board I have personally seen us grow from 12 units to over 150. We have done exceptionally well during a pandemic and 3 lock-downs and we continually go from strength to strength. The maintenance team always aims to provide a timely, friendly reliable service provided by our dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable staff. It is incredibly rewarding seeing our properties change from day 1 to go live and seeing the stunning transformation. Seeing our guest reaction to all the hard work the entire StayBC team makes the work we do worthwhile.” - James Simmonds

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