Things to do in Cardiff, South Wales

People are trying to go back to the normal way of living and establishments are working hard to provide the same Cardiff vibe that people used to, as Cardiff is known for its vibrant and lively community.

The city has many things to offer from attractions, restaurants, shops and sports events. There are still amazing and thrilling things to do in the city while following the safety precautions of the local government. Let us take you to the “new” Cardiff, the capital city of Wales!

Shop till you drop

You can shop again in your favourite stores in the city as most shops are now reopening. Just expect long queues and new safety measures.

Relax on a boat ride

You can enjoy the sunset by planning a boat ride with your loved ones or family and have fun while cruising along the beautiful city of Cardiff. You can check boat trip tours and prices at There are many scheduled trips to enjoy!

Explore Cardiff Castle

One of the top destinations in Cardiff is welcoming back tourists with social distancing picnic tables and moderate restrictions. Although you cannot go inside, you can still enjoy the wonderful view of the castle in the green grounds.

Discover Cardiff Market

From fruits, vegetables and other goods, Cardiff Market is a one-stop-shop for your kitchen needs and has a wide selection of items that you will surely love. Browse the stalls while practising social distancing.

Enjoy Home Away From Home accommodation

Stay in one of our self-contained accommodations in the city centre. Our best places to stay are conveniently located near attractions, restaurants, shops and cafes. It’s the safest way to visit the city.

Dining Out

Support local restaurants as they welcome diners again. It’s highly recommended to book a table in advance and contact the restaurant to find out what safety measures are in place for a comfortable dining experience:

The local government is working hard to ensure a safe visit to the city. Safety ambassadors are giving away hand sanitiser and assisting visitors by providing information about the area and maps explaining the walking routes around the city. Don’t limit your travel plans, check out this unforgettable city.

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