As we fight the battles of this pandemic, we salute all keyworkers as they are the world’s new heroes. It’s been a difficult year for us yet frontliners such as NHS workers, police, firefighters, government officials and many more are continuing to serve and protect us during these times.

They are at a high risk of getting the virus, working double shifts to serve and save the lives of others. Their courage and sacrifices will always be appreciated and remembered.

These are some of the small ways we can help our keyworkers and frontliners:

A simple “thank you” means a lot.

A kind donation such as a free meal or a cup of coffee will be genuinely appreciated.

If you are a business owner, you can offer special discounts to keyworkers and frontliners to show your appreciation to them.

Most importantly, you can help them by keeping your body healthy. With the vastly growing number of positive cases, the demand on the NHS is great so by keeping your body healthy, you are helping not to overburden the NHS.

We need to have a positive mindset to overcome these difficulties. This battle is not just for keyworkers and frontliners, it’s for all of us so let’s help each other in our own little way.

Again, SALUTE TO YOU! Our mighty heroes.

If you’re a keyworker that is in need of an accommodation for a safe, accessible and convenient home, StayBC is here to welcome you as we offer SPECIAL discount across our properties. Contact us now and speak to our accommodating booking team