Remembrance Sunday | Chris Puckett, StayBC Director

I expect that Remembrance Day means something different for everyone. For StayBC it is more than the act of remembering those that have fallen during conflict. For Ben and I it is something that is close to our hearts due to our experiences prior to beginning a new career/life in Serviced Accommodation.

It was a year ago that Ben and I started our adventure into the unknown world of serviced accommodation. Previous to this we were both proud members of the British Army. We both served our country for over 10 years and were deployed on various tours of duty. I think for both of us Remembrance Day gives us the chance to honour those that have fallen in the line of duty but also for those injured, for those men, women and families of whom, past and current conflicts.

Our experiences within the Armed Forces have given both of us a unique insight within our chosen business and I believe it is this that has allowed us to maintain, and even expand, a healthy business throughout the global pandemic. We now manage over 60 properties in Wales and the South West and have begun a training course that can help you do the same, please visit for more information.

StayBC offer discounts, not only to key workers but also serving members and veterans of the armed forces! Please call our Bookings Team on 07947 647475 for more information!

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