Inside Newport, #thenewnormal

The city of Newport is slowly lifting Covid-19 restrictions with the guidance of Newport City council. Different sectors are now re-opening and the economy is now starting to rise again.

It's now easy to get around the "new" Newport, by following preventive measures and protocols for a safe visit in the city.

Newport shops, bars, restaurants, and pubs are now open, inviting customers again. However, changes are taking place in the town centre, pedestrianised areas to promote social distancing and enhance public health, including new barriers at key points to expand the centre pedestrian areas.

Shops are accepting back shoppers and buyers as part of Covid-19 revival measures from the Welsh Government. You may now shop at your favourite shops in the city, although there may be longer queue lines as part of the safety protocols.

The tourism and hospitality sector has also invited back visitors by re-opening self-contained accommodations and serviced accommodation. This has allowed Newport to welcome back tourists and holiday goers to its new and safe city. Businesses in this sector are strictly enforcing enhanced cleaning measures, here are few of the measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For a safe visit to the city, always follow safety protocols and hygiene measures when visiting the "new" city of Newport, South Wales.

  1. Social distancing is a must, even while waiting for transportation.

  2. Always wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

  3. Wear face coverings such as a mask to prevent the infection and spread of the virus.

  4. Use contactless to pay for goods.

  5. You must follow signs and guidance in streets, shops, restaurants, and other establishments.

  6. Be considerate of vulnerable people and those with mobility issues.