When companies like Airbnb first came along, we saw a drastic change in accommodation options to choose from and hotels were having to compete to hit the top mark in the industry. There is a huge difference between the two and when choosing a place to stay, you should be wise where you spend your money and look into what would be best for you:

Room Rates or Property Rates

Serviced Accommodation (SA) is cheaper than hotels. The reason being that you are paying hotels for more amenities during your stay. If you are looking for a cheaper stay then SA properties are ideal for you.

Room Size

Most hotels have a small room with a basic bed, furniture and bathroom. With SA you have the entire property for yourself. Our properties are spacious and equipped with everything you need.

Room Amenities

Both hotels and SA provide the basic amenities you need for a comfortable stay. They have toiletries, complimentary treats, towels provided and internet connections. However, SA properties have faster wifi compared to hotels because you are not sharing the connection with everyone else.

Property Facilities

Hotels may have more facilities on offer but that is why their rates can be expensive. However, serviced accommodation properties offer a more customised experience. You can cook your own meals in the fully stocked and functional kitchens and some properties even provide games and books for guests to use.

Style and Ambience

This can vary but usually, hotels have the same style rooms and the only real difference may be the size. In a serviced accommodation let, the interior and style is customised and unique as hosts want to make their guests’ stay as homely and cosy as possible.

To sum it up, hotels are great because of the full service they provide such as room service, front desk support, and additional facilities and amenities that guests can enjoy. But serviced accommodation properties are just as ideal for business stays, solo travellers, couples and groups both big and small as they are cheaper while still offering a customised and home away from home vibe.

Where can I find serviced accommodation in Wales and England?