All things you need to know about Serviced Accommodation

You may wonder why serviced accommodation is more in demand these days. There are many reasons why you should choose serviced accommodation however before following the link, let’s discuss the essence of serviced accommodation.

SA's is a fully furnished house or apartment that offers short term and long term rental with hotel-like services. They provide all amenities that guests need for a comfortable stay, whilst having the benefit of hosts who are there to assist the guest through every step of the stay.

Properties are strategically located in convenient spots to attract both leisure and corporate guests.

Who operates Serviced Accommodation properties?

Many companies are now operating SA because of its booming demand in the market.

It has been a great investment to many and a great value business opportunity. Many SA properties are managed by “Property Managers”.

What does a property management company do?

Property management is a group of hardworking individuals who manage properties every step of the way. They source the best property, take care of the unique set up and design and organise utilities. S A properties are well-equipped and functional for business and leisure guests. Here are some current offers to take a look at!

Why should I choose to stay in Serviced Accommodation operated by a property management company?

Property management companies have a systematic process with trained staff to assist you throughout your stay from the booking process until your check-out. Companies like StayBC have competent employees to reach out to and provide you with the best accommodation possible!

Some things to consider when booking SA:

  1. The check-in process is entirely different - If you’re used to a hotel-like process then booking an SA let will give you a new check-in experience. The host will either meet you at the property location to give you the keys or they will use an application such as KeyNest, a simple key exchange solution where you can pick up the keys in a registered convenient location such as a local shop. You may also find that a key box is used so keys can be conveniently obtained and returned right outside the property.

  2. No room service - Serviced accommodation is not a hotel, so staff are not available 24 hours.

  3. No in-house restaurant, gym, swimming pool or other facilities - this is why serviced accommodation is cheaper.

Read our blog to hear the 10 reasons why serviced accommodation is ideal for you, whether it’s for business or leisure purposes!

If you have further questions related to property management please get in touch with us now, talk to our team and let us manage your property. They will explain how you can earn more cash with minimal effort from you!

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